2017 AQP

2016 Results and Scores

Last updated Sep 19th, 2016

The Alabama Contest Group takes great pleasure in announcing the Results for the 2016 Alabama QSO Party. Thanks to Chris Arthur/NV4B for his assistance with the results. Additionally Thanks to Mike Condon/NE4S for his help with the scoring of the 2016 AQP. Links to the scores by total and callsign are listed at the bottom of this page.

2016 Category Winners

  • Category: Top Alabama Mobile Multi-Multi Score
    Winner: Team N4ZZ Mobile
    Ops: AD4EB/Jim Hall, N4ZZ/Don Binkley and Driver: KI4HVY/Melody Hall (CW)
  • Category: Top Alabama Mobile Multi-Single Score
    Winner: Team W4AN Mobile Ops: K4BAI/John Laney and KU8E/Jeff Clarke (Mixed)
  • Category: Top Alabama Mobile Single Op High Score
    Winner: KN4Y/m Ed Palagyi (CW)
  • Category: Top Alabama Mobile Single Op (Driver) Score
    Winner: K4ZGB/m Tom Hardson (CW)
  • Category: Top Alabama Mobile Single Op (No Driver) Score
    Winner: K4NO/Greg Richard (Mixed)
  • Category: Top Alabama Single Op High Score
    Winner: KX4X/Dell Thrasher (Mixed)
  • Category: Top Alabama Single Op CW Score
    Winner: K1DC/Don Benecchi
  • Category: Top Alabama Single Op SSB Score
    Winner: AB4B/Tim Wininger
  • Category: Top Alabama Single Op Mixed Mode Score
    Winner: WA1FCN/Rob Beaudoin
  • Category: Top Alabama Single Op QRP Score
    Winner: WA8HSB/John Aeiker (CW)
  • CAtegory: Top Alabama Multi-Multi Club Mixed Score
    Winner: W4DRN Dummy Loads Contest Group, Alabaster, AL
    Ops: K4WTR/David Brooks, WB4IT/Brian Byers, KW4AU/Kyle Washington and KK4ZZM/Ben Gottlieb
  • Category: Top Alabama Mult-Single Club Mixed Score
    Winner: W4DHN Wiregrass ARC, Dothan, AL
    Ops: KE4AL/Robert Bankston, KE4GWW/James Nelson, K5WP/Glenn Allison, W4RWO/Robert Owens, KM4AVY/Carl Midkiff, N4VDR/Chris Wren, KJ4VDE/Densie Williams and N4MJV/James Walch
  • Category: Top Alabama Club Accummulated Score
    Winner: W4HOD Heart of Dixie ARS, Loachapoka, AL
    Member's Participating: AA4YL/Cheryl Whitlock, KA4PKB/Bob Schafer and K4IQJ/Dick Jaeger
  • Category: Top US Single Op CW Score
    Winner: K6MR/Ken Beals
  • Category: Top US Single Op Mixed Score
    Winner: N8II/Jeff Hartley
  • Category: Top US QRP Single Op Score
    Winner: K3TW/Tom Warren
  • Category: Top DX CW Score
    Winner: DL3DXX/Dietmar Kasper
  • Category: Top DX Mixed Score
    Winner: ZF2DO/David Cockrum

  • Congratulations to all category winners. Certificates will be forthcoming..

    The following are the 2016 scores as indicated.

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  • Scores By Call

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